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Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ, Budapest – GASTRO PUB OPENING

Marrowbone and Eggplant cream - in Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

If you ever would wonder in Budapest where you can get on the Buda side the popular new wave craft beers right next to delicious BBQ plates, I have also a new answer you: Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ. They have opened recently as the sequel of the popular bistro and craft beer bar with the same name.

Buda and Pest were once two different cities, divided by the great river of Danube, they just got united in 1873. You can feel the difference in their atmosphere even today. There are similar features of course but we who live here could ever tell after being dropped out of a car blindfold at a certain point if we are in Buda or Pest. You can simply feel. The main location of the most popular gastronomical neighborhoods ever changed.  I dare to say that nowadays Pest side is more busy, more progressive, crowded and Buda only follows. The difference is more and more narrow each year but it still exists. That is the reason that I am so happy when someone opens a cool gastronomical venue in Buda.

Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ had already a history. It was named after one of the streets (Hunyadi street) that leads up into the Castle District of Buda. Hunyadi was a noble family in the 15th century with king and military commanders among them. They played a huge role in the war against the Ottoman Empire. A gastronomical brand with this name must be strong. The “flat bistro” sold Hungarian craft beer and easy pub food. I must confess, I’ve only seen that place through a bus window so far. I found it very attractive and added it right away to my bucket list and I’ve been blamed many times by beer blogger colleagues for never being there before. So experiencing the second one at first was for me like seeing the sequel of a movie before the first part. It still can be a good experience but not the same. When I got invited to the introduction of the second venue, I didn’t had the quality time to quickly change history, so what else could I do, just went on with it.

It is in a colorful area, close to one of the busiest spots of Buda Side. First I’ve entered, I got a bit shy, because it seemed too elegant, well lit, and they welcomed me formerly. Am I in a capital RESTAURANT now? – asked I myself. But despite being a grown up version of the first one and despite the large menu, the serious food, they still remained a craft brasserie as well. But this time the main focus is on the food.

The beer selection of Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ - Pubtourist

When the owner, Gábor Boros stepped to us and introduced himself, I saw that things are more steps away from formal as they seemed to be first. Soon, the presentation started in a clever and enjoyable form. We got to each plate a matching beer and a matching story from the performers, from Gábor, from Csaba Katona, the greatest beer historian of Budapest and from a Hungarian-German beer export-import vendor of HudiHudi, Olivér Soós.

Katona Csaba and Boros Gábor as peformers in the opening event of Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

First, we got a cool ginger beer as appetizer from the international award winner Rothbeer (Lyon), the Gingermeister. Then the first plate which was a traditional Hungarian meal, “velős csont” (marrow bone) and also eggplant sandwich cream with red onion salad next to them. The matching beer was a Hekkelberg PILS, a Hungarian brand but brewed in the Czech Republic.

Marrowbone and Eggplant cream - in Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

The second dish was a pulled beef sandwich with purple cabbage. Simple harmony of flavours, nothing complicated! The beer fellow was the world famous Skotish Brew Dog Punk IPA.

Pulled Beef Sandwich in Hunyadi Gasztroműhely & BBQ in Budapest - Pubtourist

As last one, a real surprise: Black burgers, baby!

Black burgers in Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

I saw this type on quite a few photos already but we have crossed paths here for the first time. The bun got colored but not flavored by cuttlefish ink. So about the taste you can’t really notice any difference compared to a traditional color burger. It was a show for your eyes. But we didn’t need any difference in this gastronomical value. It was so harmonic, good quality and delicious one, perfect in the genre. What we had next to it? JAM 72 (IPA 7,2 %) from the Hungarian crazy brewers, Mad Scientist (elected to the Brewery of the year 2016 by the biggest Hungarian beer festival, Főzdefeszt, and won 5 medals on DUBLIN Craft Beer Cup). It can’t go wrong.

After the grandiose tasting we could meet the cook, Mikey (Lehet Márk) who is a young and enthusiastic guy, obsessed of barbecue and tells you gladly about his job.

Mikey (Márk Lehel) The cook of Hunyadi Gasztromühely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

This all was just an example of a bigger menu, they have a greater selection of food and also from beers, Hungarian and international, too. They have also daily menu but of lighter and more traditional plates. They also thought on the wine lovers.

Few words about the design: who ever read me randomly, wouldn’t believe me that I would prefer an apple green leather sofa, bright wooden furniture and elegant floral wallpaper, so I don’t pretend to. I feel like in a furniture store. But I like the bare-brick walls forever, I would order a pub with bare-brick walls into eternity either and I pretty much liked this time the grey floor reminding me on a school gym floor, the glass cabinet with the beers in the guest area, the many big green bottles, and the lamps resembling a giant bulb.

The dining room of Hunyadi Gasztromühely & BBQ in Budapest - Pubtourist

Compensating the more feminine dining rooms, the bar was way more masculine. Before you leave, you feel that having there two beers can restore the balance in your world. Great business plan!

The bar of Hunyadi Gasztromühely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

To complete the bigger picture, we still wait for them to open their garden with a big BBQ smoker. For the ones familiare with the neighbourhood it wouldn’t be new but a great surprise because it will be attached to the garden of two other restaurants, surrounded with big trees and their shadows creating an unique atmosphere in the downtown.

I guess Gábor and his partner of life, Gabi accomplished here what they wanted, to serve good beers to good food for the BBQ lovers. I keep the fingers crossed for them.

Photos: Csaba Bozavári

Hunyadi Gasztroműhely & BBQ Facebook page:

Address: 1024, Budapest, Retek utca 12.

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