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Here you will find some quick definitions of Hungarian or other nation’s not so well known phenomena (for example drinks, foods, habits, name of venues, expressions). In alphabetical order:

Pálinka: Hungarian spirit, made of fruits (mostly: plum, peach, pear or mixed, and there is a so called “törköly” pálinka which is made of grape parts)

Tócsni: Hungarian traditional folk food, the relative or quasi counterpart of the English hash brown. It is made of roughly grated potato and flour, fried in hot oil. Other ingredients can be added. It was the food of the poor people back then. Tócsni is famous of having the most different names in the whole Hungarian gastronomy, more than 20 (prósza, macok, mackó, lapcsánka, görhöly, ect.). Using more names for the same food is not a characteristic Hungarian feature at all. Tócsni is also formed in different shapes and sizes.