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The prophecy of a brasserie of Szent András brewery was my only comfort, when the Hopfanatic Pub returned to his origins (Kiskunhalas) from Budapest. I had the feeling that the small beer cellar in Hunyadi square will be treated well by the successor. This theory was based on quite flimsy grounds at first. My only Continue Reading

Three-sip espressos in Italy

Getting to know a whole country from the perspective of pub and bar stereotypes is a long way. The beginning of this way is very foggy and bushy. In this phase every thought is just a theory. There’s a lot yet to be done, seen and experienced to get a decent overview from the impressions. I Continue Reading

2nd stop, instead of Sissi Kávéház és söröző: Green Caffe and bar – A 90’s confectionerey on the carnival of pubs

(2nd stop, 2nd Budapest stop after 4 visit ) The story of the actual first day of my pub crawl continues. On the first day of my continuous pub crawl I dropped into the Sissi kávéház és söröző (Sissi coffeehouse and brasserie) as second stop, in an even outer part of the Seventh District. This name Continue Reading