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Reader manual

This column is like a FAQ to precede the most obvious misconceptions in one place.

QUALITY OF THE PHOTOS: My photos try to represent the atmosphere. Most of the time I take them with a quick click with a phone’s camera and intentionally not with a regular one to not draw too much attention to the man behind it. They are not meant to be professional photos, just good enough to broadcast the character of the scene, absolutely from user’s view and not from PR perspective. Just like someone would send a status report photo to friends.

PEOPLE ON THE PHOTOS: About the interior, I take the photos frequently without people. Sometimes intentionally, even in a calmer moment. So if there are no people on the picture, that doesn’t mean necessarily that there are no guests in the pub.

SUBJECTIVITY: I write from one of the possible perspectives. The same pub crawling could be achieved by 1000 different people with 1000 different way of thinking and taste, and that would make 1000 different blogs, and each of them would be true or interesting for different readers. This is my personal experience, just an adventure report and a collection of goodies for showing some directions. It is based on the idea that, if something has been good for me, it can be good for at least one other person.

ACTUALITY: This is an always changing world. The pubs are opening, closing, do a makeover, are renamed or move away. All the posts are about one state of them, and with the time they can lose the actuality. Furthermore nothing has to change even to change my point of view, because I write during discovery. Every newly visited pub modify a bit on the whole picture, how I see the pub supply, the publife of the current area, district, town, city, and how I compare.

COMPETENCE: This is a discovery blog. I started to put my posts online after thorough preparation, but not after a study which could be ever completed. Every area I explore will have a bigger pub expert than me. I would take the competition on Budapest’s and Zalaegerszeg’s stage. I am always ready to get to know every area’s greatest pub characters and through their eyes new specialties, urban legends of the areas. I don’t only speak my mind, but also report through other people.

ALCOHOL-LITERACY: I confess, I don’t know more about the booze than an average person, or not even that much in some matters. Of course, I learned and learn a lot during the way, constantly. I enjoy the extension of my factual knowledge in every attached topic. I am not an expert, I am an explorer. I also take the blame that my taste, sometimes, go against different types of prestige or popular taste.

I LOOK AT THEM AS PUBS: In this blog I will call pubs even such places which are named as bars, lounges, bistros, cafés, etc., if they are also designed and actually used for social alcohol consumption. This is my main perspective, but if the venue has other functions (for example: restaurant, sport club, board game club, etc.), I will mention it too.

THE PUB IS NOT ONLY FOR ALCOHOL CONSUMERS: Anyone could fit into my pub-panoramas, the ones who are having a coffee or a bite there during the day, and the ones who have a tea while talking to someone who has a beer. It takes different type of people to go to pubs during the day, and not to a Starbucks. Alcohol is not a condition of my attention; I am very interested in the daily life of the pubs too