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Hunyadi Gasztrom┼▒hely and BBQ, Budapest – GASTRO PUB OPENING

Marrowbone and Eggplant cream - in Hunyadi Gasztrom┼▒hely and BBQ, Budapest - Pubtourist

If you ever would wonder in Budapest where you can get on the Buda side the popular new wave craft beers right next to delicious BBQ plates, I have also a new answer you: Hunyadi Gasztroműhely and BBQ. They have opened recently as the sequel of the popular bistro and craft beer bar with the same name. Continue Reading

K├ęk L├│, Budapest – Fashionable but more than trendy

K├ęk L├│ Pub, Budapest, V├şg utca - Pubtourist

(Station no. 18, Budapest station no. 18 – the current location after 6 visits, the former location after┬áseveral visits) At the beginning of 2016 the eclectic-harmonic K├ęk L├│ (=Blue Horse) pub has moved already to its┬ásecond grandiose┬álocation in Budapest. The horse therefore seems to be a migratory animal, which┬ágets quickly acclimatized. It used to be Continue Reading

Pubfoods from all around Middle-Europe gather! – PUP OPENING: MALTeR, beer-restaurant, Budapest

Just a few days ago, MALTeR has opened its gates to the PUBlic in Akácfa street (VII. district in Budapet), to fill the long yawning gap and apply to be a leader of an important mission in Hungary; to route food and warm meals back to the pubs. Within its four walls, this place is bringing Continue Reading