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SEMIRAMIS GARDEN PANORAMA – Where the chestnuts attack

The beer garden of Semiramis Garden Panorama in Pécs - Pubtourist

Originally I went to Pécs to investigate the story of the sudden closing up of a decades long legendary wine bar, Papucs but in the four days I stayed there I faced so many other unique venues which were worth to tell you about them. One of the most interesting and surprising one for me was the Semiramis Garden Panorama.

I found it in a magical neighborhood, where I woke up first morning. It is called “the Tettye”. The same name refers to the hillside of the mountain range of Pécs, the Mecsek and also to the matching part of the city.

The Tetye in Pécs - Pubtourist

There is beautiful panorama at this historical city and ruins of a former church.

Panorama on the city of Pécs from Tetye - Pubtourist

The Ruins of Tetye church in Pécs - Pubtourist

I simply felt that here must be a very authentic venue fitting this magnetic atmosphere. A fairy tale house was waiting for me with a beer garden looking down at Pécs. Big chestnut trees and their shadows completed the whole picture.

Collage of Semiramis Garden Panorama - Pubtourist

The beer garden of Semiramis Garden Panorama in Pécs - Pubtourist

I got a bit scared of the name. Of course neither Garden nor Panorama confused me. But Semiramis reminded me on a cafeteria chain that I bumped into in other cities some years ago. They were good quality, professional venues and pretty enjoyable for other type of people but not so much for my personal taste and neither for the profile of this blog. I was afraid to enter. Fortunately this immediately turned out to be very welcoming and homely also from the inside.

The Semiramis Garden Panorama from the inside - Pubtourist

There were Vasarely pictures, positive quotes and all and old plans of this 125 years old building.

The building of the Semiramis Garden Panorama is 125 years old on the Tetye, in Pécs - Pubtourist

Only the inner room was a bit more sterile than all the others but still pleasant. The bar where you had to order didn’t reminded me of a classy cafeteria but much more of a friendly small buffet.

The bar of Semiramis Garden Panorama on the Tetye in Pécs - Pubtourist

The lady apologized that I have to order at the bar.

– Most people don’t like it – she said.

– I personally do, the most interesting things always happening at the bar – answered I

I ordered a tócsni with tuna and olives toppings. Have I told you about tócsni already? It is the Hungarian version of the hash brown and is also similar to lángos but not so common, it is made and fried of previosuly roughly grated potato and flour. The most interesting thing about it that this is the Hungarian food with the most existing names of all. It differs in almost every county. It exists also in different forms and sizes. This was a flat, medium size one but decent enough for breakfast.

Tócsni with tuna and olives topping in Semiramis Garden Panorama, Pécs - Pubtourist

Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to have here on the hilltop a local beer from the Pécsi Sörfőzde (=Pécsi Brewery), originally founded in 1848. Their traditional brand is called the Pécsi Szalon.


I also started to write down my here my memories of  the last day but suddenly chestnusts attacked me from the sky. They landed right next to my keyboard.

– You have to sit under the sunshads – Piroska, the lady from bar warned me.

I gladly followed her instructions. I looked around. Here were mostly ladies. Two friends at most tables from of all ages. They came up here, had a walk, a chitchat and continued the day by having a refreshing beer here. This nice environment is a good excuse even for those who never drinks normally.

I also noticed the attractive plates of Hungarian fish soup on the next tables and decided to return the following day to have a lunch here. Next morning I was sad about the actual news about my investigation in the legendary, old Papucs Wine Bar’s case. I didn’t want to give up that easily so I asked them if they know anything about it. That day also an other lady, Aliz was at the bar besides Piroska. She turned out to be one of the two people who took over Papucs a while ago. She helped me further that made me happy and I could enjoy also the favorite Hungarian fish soup of my life. It is funny because the area of Pécs – unlike others – is not famous for the fish soup, and I found this No. 1 potion here, not next to a harbor but on a hillside.

No. 1 fish soup in Semiramis Garden Panorama, Pécs - Pubtourist

At the end, I also took advantage on the cafeteria profile of the place and tried that chili con coffee. I liked the name and the product as well. Seriously, this place is so good for so many things: to have a beer above Pécs, to have a breakfast, small bites, great lunch. They intentionally work with only two main plates (the other one is the bean goulash) but they are famous for those two in the entire city and even outside it. They moved here from the city center but they could keep a lot of their returning quests. Originally, I didn’t want to write a whole post about a place with such a profile where the pub character is reduced to a garden where you can also drink not only eat but with this treasure I gladly made an exception.


SEMIRAMIS GARDEN PANORAMA Address: 7627 Pécs, Havihegyi út 1.

NYITVA: 9:00-22:00

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