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Alto tasso in Bologna – Temple of the late nighters

The inside of Alto Tasso in Bologna - Pubtourist

Lets face it, even from the perspective of the pubs and bars, Bologna has a lot of flavors! A city this size should have all the possible genres even over the stereotypes. A bohemian party street belongs to the overall picture. In Bologna Via del Pratello is that street. Alto tasso on its side branch is a real epicenter of the pub life of the latest and earliest hours.

I heard multiple times Hungarian people speaking about Italians as if they would drink only a small appetizer before dinner and the glass of red wine they gently sip between the courses they don’t even finish. That doesn’t appear to be the only rule that applies. Nowadays you can see relaxed people of every age having beer or any type of Italian spritzer to the breakfast or elegant ladies even through restaurant windows drinking beers proudly. In this new era¬†a long row of causal pubs can be indeed requested and popular.

I almost spent the second night entirely in the fabulous Via Belvedere then I pushed myself to go further to be able to report to my future readers more than one street about the pub life of Bologna. I headed into the direction of Via del Pratello which was introduced to me as the most intense pub street of the city. Even before I could enter the street I had found a very lively pub right at the first corner, Alto tasso (348. stop, 6th Bologna stop)

The entrance of Alto Tasso In Bologna - Pubtourist

At the first sight it appeared to be a gathering place of students and rockers but I only had to take one full circle to realize what a wide range of different people is actually present. A punk with a thousand-colored hair stood next to me at the bar while inside artist type people were sharing one table and outside also younglings and fashionable middle aged women smoked the cigarettes together in the crowd. Everybody was here who had a good excuse to resist tomorrow as long as possible that night in Bologna.

The inside of Alto Tasso in Bologna - Pubtourist

Alto tasso had a good piadina even in the night. That is surprising for a Hungarian but normal for an Italian. A pleasant amount of beer types were on draught. It was interesting that one of the Italian beers was named after the beautiful district of Praque: Malastrana.

Beers on tap in Alto Tasso, Bologna - Pubtourist

I also started to teach the staff here how to make the Hungarian spritzer. In Bologna they gave it on the cheapest price (2,50-3,00 Euro Рdepended on the barman) but in Padova two days later, I got it also for 1,50 Euro. There were some interesting details in the decor made by the designers or by guests: pictures or drawings on the wall and the extraordinary knob of the guest toilet.

The Interesting details of Alto Tasso, Bologna - Pubtourist

I also found unexpectedly big metal wine barrels in the guest area. This size should be big enough to hide alien corpses from the public in them.

The big wine barrels of Alto Tasso in the guest area in Bologna - Pubtourist

They were open for 12 years according to an answer in June 2016 and they had a full house on Thursday night till 3:00 AM. The name weather means high alcohol content or high badger. For me, it was no question which one to for.

Alto Tasso Facebook page: CLICK! (here we can see that they have frequently concerts)

Alto Tasso Address: Piazza San Francesco 6/d, Bologna

Opening hours: 17:30-4:00

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