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The focus is outside the glass

What does it mean that I rather write about the pubs themselves and not about the alcohol? A famous Hungarian author, Sándor Márai already put this into words very well related to our old traditional coffee houses: “The visitor doesn’t only want to have a black coffee here, but he is also willing to spend a part of his life under these arcades. People don’t come here to drink coffee, they come here to live” – I don’t spoon-feed this quote. I wrote it to those who can feel it for first reading or read it again and again when they don’t get it first.

I am not naive. Alcohol can’t be separated from the pub, I know. It doesn’t need to and I wouldn’t even want to. I just choose my own highlights in advance. Regarding the local alcohol supply and drinking habits, only those features are interesting for me, what the guests, bartenders or pub-owners mention without asking, for example specialities, happy hour combos. About these phenomena I even ask the questions, but the focus is outside the glass. Everytime I am about to have just a coffee or a tea, I also pick a pub as destination. For the simple reason, that I like one of the pub’s most stereotypical feature – the atmosphere – much much better. This is what I try to grab and release onto the world: to tell why is good to be there, wherever is good to be.

You are not only spending time at the spot, but also with the spot.

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