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There are no starts, there is no math – Why I don’t rate pubs

I visited more than 80 venues on my tour when I was thinking, that I am already aware of most of the aspects of a pub’s popularity, how one can attract more people or even the majority, than others. The idea of better do a rating or ranking crossed my mind again. Maybe it would look more professional, than choose only after subjective impressions, what is good and what is not and present exclusively the list of my preferred and remarkable pubs to the world. BUT NO! I stay by the concept to motivate people only through my reports. I am trying to make the untouchable touchable. I undertake the fact that a pub can be impressing only by the way the sunlight glances on the bottles put in ascending order in the bar. That can make me feel good there, despite that there is no more Belgian cherry beer and the only pub food they serve is Ropi (basic Hungarian, pretzel-like snack). Sometimes nothing else matters more, than the microuniverse the outside world is turning into, whenever i cross the threshold.


I won’t be pubcritic and especially don’t want to write negative reviews. Why? Because this blog is about my adventure, my tour and to introduce the pubs I found the most interesting or enjoyable. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will keep quiet about the “weaker links” of my chosen pubs. But for negativity by the image there are plenty of appliers all the time. I rather mix up my unpleasant experiences into some philosophical or analytical posts in another column.

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