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Pause? - Pubtourist

Lately, there wasn’t any update on the webpage but I am still on, working currently on a big collection of pubs of Budapest and will be back soon! Fotó: (pinterest, Elias Rassi)

Budapest after 303 pubs

If we are about to see the big picture of Budapest’s pub life, we shouldn’t concentrate too much to the small details first. It is too various, and the many types of drinking venues we have fragment it like a puzzle. Because of that I only give you a few hints for a start, and Continue reading →

Why pubchemistry?

I am totally convinced that the same way chemistry exists between a man and a woman, it exists between a pub and a guest too. I asked many people, why they like to go to pubs and what they love about their favorite pub, and most of them used the word “mood” in their answers. Continue reading →